Severe Tropical Cyclone Connie

15 - 20 January 1987


A low that moved off the west Kimberley coast north of Broome rapidly intensified reaching cyclone intensity on 17 January then peaking at category three intensity on 19 January. Connie tracked to the southwest then south crossing the Pilbara coast 20 km west of Port Hedland at 0900 UTC 19 January. Port Hedland recorded a maximum wind gust of 171 km/h. Connie then weakened as it moved south then southeast over remote areas of inland Western Australia.

At Port Hedland a number of houses were unroofed. Beach erosion and minor flooding also occurred but there were no deaths or injuries. At Whim Creek the hotel was unroofed. Pastoral stations in the area reported stock losses, as well as damage to windmills and buildings. Fortunately Connie crossed the coast at close to low tide preventing any significant storm tide impact.

For more details see the TC Connie Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Connie