Severe Tropical Cyclone Darian

13 – 21 December 2022


Severe Tropical Cyclone Darian was an Indian Ocean event that began to the north of Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Australian Western Region, moving westwards out of the region without causing any impact to Australian communities. The cyclone reached category 5 intensity before moving into the RSMC La Reunion Area of Responsibility on 21 December, where it persisted as a severe tropical cyclone for a long time.

A tropical low formed to the north of Cocos Islands on 13 December and began to move westwards. The low remained as a weak system while doing a clockwise loop on 14 and 15 December. It began moving southwards on 16 December, while remaining well to the west of the Cocos Islands. On 18 December, the low reached tropical cyclone strength and was named Darian.

It began moving southeast on the night of 18 December and rapidly intensified to a category 3 cyclone within 24 hours. Late on 19 December, Darian was steered to the west by a strengthening mid-level ridge to the south. 

Darian intensified to a category 5 cyclone overnight on 20 December and reached peak intensity in the morning on 21 December. It moved into RSMC La Reunion Area of Responsibility on 21 December evening.

There were no impacts to any island or coastal communities. The system remained to the west of Cocos Island causing heavy showers but with no significant impacts to the islands.

Severe Tropical Cyclone Darian was the second tropical cyclone in the Australian region for the 2022/23 season, following an Unnamed (01U) tropical cyclone located in the same area in July 2022.

For more information see the TC Darian Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

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