Tropical Cyclone Denise

19 - 25 May 1975


The eleventh and last cyclone of the 1974/75 tropical cyclone season was Denise which developed exceptionally late in the season.

The maximum wind reported near cyclone Denise was 81 km/h noted by ship Welsh Trident at 1200 UTC 23 May. The vessel was at the time about 160 km to the southwest of the cyclone.

The centre of Denise passed very close to Cocos Island on 23 May. A maximum gust of 100 km/h was recorded on the Dines anemometer trace. This gust occurred about 2305 UTC 22 May when the cyclone was some 25 km to the south.

According to the Dvorak method of interpretation of tropical cyclone cloud photographs, mean winds of 75 km/h were probably generated near the centre on 22 May. The winds tore fronds off some coconut tress on West Island of the Cocos group but no structural damage was sustained by any buildings.

Reports on the sea state were received regularly from both Christmas Island and Cocos Island as Denise moved westwards past them. Both stations indicated changes in direction of the moderate swell generated. When the cyclone was close to Cocos Island the sea waves were described as "rough" for a brief period on 23 May. Ship reports from the periphery of the cyclone were consistent with those received from the island stations.

Denise passed very close to Cocos Island on 23rd May and caused some slight damage mainly to the coconut trees.

For more details see the TC Denise Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Denise