Severe Tropical Cyclone Dianne

14 - 22 February 2011


A tropical low formed in an active monsoon trough during 14 February, well to the west of the Kimberley coast. The low moved in a west-southwest direction, parallel to the Pilbara coast and slowly intensified. It reached tropical cyclone intensity late on 16 February and then drifted slowly north. The tropical cyclone was then steered in a general southwesterly direction, away from the West Australian coastline. Dianne peaked at Category 3 intensity before weakening early on 20 February as it moved over cooler waters and experienced increased wind shear. Dianne weakened below tropical cyclone intensity early on 22 February. Though Tropical Cyclone Advices were issued for parts of the Pilbara and Gascoyne coastline, Dianne did not cause any damage to Western Australian communities.

For more information see the TC Dianne Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity NT

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Dianne