Severe Tropical Cyclone Dominic

5 - 7 April 1982


Dominic developed from a tropical low which was situated approximately 270 km northwest of Weipa early on 5 April. The low intensified during the day and attained cyclonic intensity by 1500 UTC. During the next two days the cyclone moved in a general southeasterly direction and continued to develop, attaining maximum intensity at 0900 UTC on 7 April with a central pressure of 950 hPa. This intensity was maintained until Dominic crossed the west coast of Cape York Peninsula near Cape Keer-Weer about 3 hours later.

Winds were estimated to have reached 185 km/h at Edward River Mission with some damage to buildings and power lines. At Aurukun damage was assessed at $200,000 and severe damage to natural vegetation was reported from the Cape Keer-Weer area. While there was evidence of a significant storm surge in the Cape Keer-Weer area no quantitative data are available. Tide levels of almost 1.0 m above the predicted value were recorded at Weipa and almost 1.5 m below at Karumba.

Dominic weakened considerably as it crossed Cape York Peninsula and moved into the Coral Sea with a central pressure of 999 hPa on the evening of the 8th. During the following six days Dominic made a large loop before re-crossing the east coast approximately 50 km north of Cooktown at about 0300 UTC 14 April. Throughout this period Dominic failed to reach cyclonic intensity although wind gusts to 98 km/h were reported from Willis Island at 1400 UTC 9 April. Just prior to landfall strong winds and minor tree damage were reported from the Innisfail area whilst a yacht at the mouth of the Johnstone River reported wind gusts to 120 km/h.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Dominic