Tropical Cyclone Dovi

7 - 12 February 2022
Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Dovi


A tropical low developed in the eastern Coral Sea on 7 February and tracked further eastwards into the southwest Pacific. The system slowed as it approached the southern parts of Vanuatu on 8 February and began to intensify. The low moved southwards and was named Tropical Cyclone Dovi by the Fiji Meteorological Service on 9 February, when it was located south of Vila, Vanuatu.

Dovi tracked to the southwest passing just east of New Caledonia on 10 February at Category 3 intensity. Noumea reported wind gusts to 109 km/h and Phare Amedee 106 km/h. Dovi then intensified and peaked at Category 4 intensity as it accelerated to the south. Dovi passed west of Norfolk Island overnight 11 to 12 February at Category 3 intensity. Norfolk Island experienced a maximum wind gust of 93 km/h.

Dovi weakened during 12 February and transitioned to a sub-tropical system as it approached New Zealand.

Note: Dovi did not occur in the Australian region but is summarised because of its impact on Norfolk Island.

**All information relating to intensity and track is preliminary information based on operational estimates and subject to change following post analysis.**

Extreme values during event (estimated)

Note that these values may be changed on the receipt of later information

Maximum Category: 4
Maximum sustained wind speed: 165 km/h
Maximum wind gust: 230 km/h
Lowest central pressure: 942 hPa