Tropical Cyclone Emma

26 February - 1 March 2006


Emma was a monsoonal-type low reaching category 1 intensity before crossing the coast near Mardie on 28 February, then moving to the south southeast and eventually passing near Esperance late on 1 March.

The main impact was rainfall, initially in the Karratha/Dampier region and then over inland areas. The heavy rain in the headwaters of the Murchison River caused the highest recorded flood along the river. More than 20 pastoral properties reported significant damage and heavy infrastructure losses combined with significant scouring of the Murchison floodplain. Floodwaters peaked at Kalbarri at about midnight on 15 March. Although the sandbar was washed away and riverside and low-lying parts of the town were flooded, a significant sandbagging exercise protected the town centre from inundation.

For more details see the TC Emma Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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