Tropical Cyclone Emma

2 - 16 December 1995


Tropical cyclone Emma was a system with its associated convective cloud sheared by upper winds from its centre throughout its lifetime. Consequently, it never intensified beyond minimal tropical cyclone intensity. Emma began as a low-level circulation near 10°S 106°E around 2100 UTC 1 December 1995. It was embedded in a well-developed monsoon trough and lay to the north of a firm middle-level ridge which steered it westwards. Emma passed 50 km to the north of Christmas Island at 0000 UTC 2 December 1995 though winds on the island remained light. The cyclone continued moving westwards for the next five days and reached minimal tropical cyclone intensity from 1200 UTC 4 December 1995 until 1500 UTC 5 December 1996 passing within 120 km of Cocos Island at 0600 UTC 4 December 1995. Winds at the island were strong and squally but never reached gale force.

For more details see the TC Emma Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Emma