Tropical Cyclone Errol

13 - 17 January 1982


Errol started as a tropical low in the Timor Sea on 11 January. This low was part of an active monsoonal trough which was quasi-stationary in the area and had produced cyclones Chris and Daphne-Fifi in the previous week.

The system moved in a general southwest to west direction and slowly deepened, reaching cyclonic intensity at 0000 UTC on the 13th. On the 15th Errol recurved to the southeast as it came under the influence of the northwest monsoon flow. Peak intensity occurred at 0000 UTC on the 15th with an estimated central pressure of 980 hPa and estimated maximum winds near the centre of 100 km/h.

From the 16th Errol slowly weakened, and late on the 18th the system merged with cyclone Bruno , which was the stronger of the two. The remaining energy associated with Errol appeared to be transferred to Bruno , and Errol dissipated very rapidly off the northwest coast. See TC Bruno for further details.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Errol