Tropical Cyclone Felicity

13 - 22 December 1989


Tropical cyclone Felicity originated from a monsoon depression located near the coast to the northeast of Darwin on 13 December. It moved southeast across land before recurving slightly and acquiring tropical cyclone intensity at 0001 15 December over the Gulf of Carpentaria. Ten hours later it made landfall over the Cape York Peninsula where it caused minor damage, mostly to vegetation.

Felicity reached peak intensity at 0600 15 December with maximum winds of 110 km/h and a central pressure of 975 hPa.

After making landfall, Felicity weakened and tracked eastward, eventually entering the Coral Sea near Cairns on 1 December. It then curved slightly northwards before turning southeast during 18 December.

Felicity spent four days over the Coral Sea without reacquiring classical tropical cyclone characteristics. However, winds between 100 and 115 km/h were observed in the southwest quadrant during this monsoonal phase. Felicity gradually weakened in response to a declining upper level trough and accelerated when it was west of New Caledonia. Subsequently, it was absorbed by a short wave trough to the north of New Zealand

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Felicity