Severe Tropical Cyclone Fiona-Gwenda

6 - 13 January 1974


The seventh tropical cyclone of the season was Fiona-Gwenda . Warnings for this system were issued under two code-names, firstly Fiona until 9 January then Gwenda from 10 January. Post-analysis suggests that there was only the one system which redeveloped on moving again over open water south of Broome. In this summary the system is treated as a unity and is named Fiona-Gwenda .

Fiona-Gwenda was a small tropical cyclone when it moved over land after a brief period of rapid development. After moving once again over the Indian Ocean the cyclone began redeveloping but did not achieve more than moderate intensity.

Although this cyclone caused gale force winds along coastal areas of the West Kimberley no significant damage was reported.

For more details see the TC Fiona-Gwenda Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Fiona-Gwenda