Severe Tropical Cyclone Freddy

3 - 13 February 2009


A low that developed over the Kimberley moved off the coast on 3 February and slowly developed as it tracked west over open waters. Despite ongoing strong wind shear, the low reached cyclone intensity late on 7 February. After peaking on 8 February, Freddy weakened to below cyclone intensity during 9 February as it moved over progressively cooler ocean waters. A weak low level centre remained clearly visible on satellite images and Quickscat passes showed 20 to 25 knot winds present. The system finally dissipated on 13 February.

There were no known direct impacts from Freddy , although there were disruptions to some offshore industry operations.

For more information see the TC Freddy Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

All times in WDT.

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Freddy