Severe Tropical Cyclone Frederic

25 March - 1 April 1999


A low in the monsoon trough formed off the north Kimberley coast on 25 March. A favourable upper air pattern and a region of weak vertical wind shear provided a suitable environment for the low to intensify. The low moved to the west-southwest under the steering influence of a mid-level ridge to the south-southeast. It attained cyclone strength on 27 March, the third tropical cyclone in the space of only 2 weeks to affect waters off the northwest coast of Australia. As Frederic moved further west it experienced easterly shear, that temporarily slowly its rate of development. The shear reduced overnight on 28 March and an eye became visible the following morning. Frederic remained a severe cyclone as it traversed westward across the Indian Ocean. It crossed out of the WA region of responsibility on 1 April and then weakened rapidly due to wind shear.

For more details see the TC Frederic Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Frederic