Tropical Cyclone Fritz

9 - 13 December 1983


Fritz was the first tropical cyclone of the season in the Eastern Region and developed from a low in the monsoon trough about 300 km northwest of Willis Island on 9 December. The low drifted on a general easterly track and deepened with cyclonic intensity being reached around 0600 UTC 10 December.

From available satellite data, Fritz never developed a detectable eye and significant cirrus outflow was evident for only about 24 hours. The strongest wind reported in the vicinity of the cyclone was 72 km/h by a ship when situated 350 km southeast of the centre at 0600 UTC 12 December. Fritz at this time was at its most eastern position as it then moved back on a westerly track.

The lowest central pressure was estimated to be 990 hPa at about 0900 UTC 12 December. Fairly rapid filling then took place with Fritz losing cyclonic intensity by 0300 UTC 13 December.

The remnant low decayed as it moved towards Willis Island. Fresh to strong southeast winds occurred along parts of the tropical coast of Queensland, otherwise the cyclone had little effect on Queensland's weather.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Fritz