Tropical Low Gabrielle

28 February - 6 March 2009


An Indian Ocean low formed in the monsoon trough in late February and was named Gabrielle on 2 March approximately 370 km south southeast of Christmas Island at 2100 WDT (1200 UTC). However, upon reanalysis the system was deemed not to have reached cyclone intensity on account of gales not extending more than half way around the centre at any one time. Gales were apparent in some sectors for many days and shipping warnings continued until early on 6 March. There was no known impact from this low.

While this system is deemed not to have reached tropical cyclone intensity is is probable that this would have been declared a cyclone in the absence of scatterometry information. This does have implications for analysing historical tropical cyclone numbers.

For more information see the Report for Gabrielle (pdf)

Track and intensity

All times in WDT.

Best Track of Tropical Low Gabrielle