Tropical Cyclone Graham

27 February - 1 March 2003


A low formed in a deep and persistent monsoon trough reaching tropical cyclone intensity about 300 kilometres to the west-northwest of Broome on 27 February. A northward movement of the upper-level ridge over the low and a strengthening of the low-level monsoon flow contributed to cyclogenesis. Although vertical wind shear remained low, Graham retained monsoonal characteristics throughout its lifetime. After initially moving east southeast and intensifying slowly the system then turned south on 28 February as a deep trough moved into the Great Australian Bight. Graham reached maximum intensity of 21 m/s (40 knots) late on the 28th, before crossing the 80 Mile Beach 115 kilometres northeast of Wallal at about 2000UTC 28 February and dissipating over land.

Significant rainfall exceeding 150 mm was recorded as Graham crossed the coast. Telfer and Mandora registered 24-hour falls of 175 mm and 164 mm respectively. A man was killed while attempting to cross a flooded creek near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley.

For more details see the TC Graham Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Graham