Tropical Cyclone Greg

1 - 5 March 1990


Tropical cyclone Greg was spawned over the northern part of the Gulf of Carpentaria during an active phase of the monsoon trough. It was initially detected as a shallow low near 11.9°S, 137.9°E at 1800, 1 March. An upper level anticyclone was favourably placed to aid its ongoing development into a tropical cyclone.

By 0200 UTC, 2 March it had reached tropical cyclone intensity. Over the next 36 hours, Greg recurved towards the south and reached peak intensity at 1200 UTC, 3 March when its central pressure was 990 hPa and the maximum average winds were 70 km/h.

Tropical cyclone Greg tracked very slowly southwestward and lost its tropical cyclone characteristics by 0300 UTC, 5 March due to increasing vertical shear. Greg made landfall on the southern Gulf of Carpentaria nine hours later. It quickly dissipated.

Greg was a very weak cyclone and no damage was reported.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Greg