Tropical Cyclone Guba

15-19 November 2007


A low that originated northeast of Papua New Guinea on November 12th passed over the Oro Province in the far east of the country on the morning of November 13th. Heavy rain and high sea levels caused extensive flooding and massive damage in the province with an estimated 145 000 people being affected and the loss of at least 200 lives.

The low reached cyclone intensity on November 14th and was named Guba by the Port Moresby Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre. After tracking on a general westerly course, Guba took a southeasterly path on November 15th and intensified peaking overnight on November 16th. Guba then weakened and took a southwest track on November 17th then a westerly track on November 18th towards the far north Queensland coast. The cyclone was subsequently steered to the north on November 19th and weakened below cyclone intensity.

Extreme Values During Cyclone Event

Maximum Category:
Maximum sustained wind speed:
120 km/hr (estimated)
Maximum wind gust:
170 km/hr (estimated)
Lowest central pressure:
970 hPa

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Guba