Tropical Cyclone Hazel

7 - 14 March 1979


Hazel formed off the northwest Kimberley coast and developed into a severe tropical cyclone off the Pilbara coast before turning to the south and accelerating crossing the coast at Shark Bay on 13 March. A Taiwanese fishing boat and its crew of fifteen was lost in heavy seas north of Barrow Island. Sea action damaged the jetties at Exmouth, Cape Cuvier Carnarvon and Denham. Buildings were inundated with sea water between Carnarvon and Shark Bay. In all damage and losses due to Hazel amounted to some $20 million.

Hazel was the first tropical cyclone to occur in the Western Region during the season developing late in the season during March.

For more details see the TC Hazel Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Hazel