Severe Tropical Cyclone Hubert-Coryna

6 - 12 January 1996


TC Hubert began as a disorganised cloud cluster near Christmas Island on 3 January. Hubert began to track west southwest and developed rapidly as a small system during 7 and 8 January. Hubert reached cyclone status at 1300 UTC on 7 January and severe cyclone status at 0400 UTC on 8 January. Hubert then maintained Category 3 intensity as it continued to track west southwest. Overnight on 9 January Hubert sheared apart and began to weaken, passing in the Mauritius area of responsibility and was renamed Coryna. The system lost cyclone status during the afternoon of 11 January. The low-level remains of Hubert-Coryna continued on a westerly track along 15°S finally dissipating on 12 January.

For more details see the TC Hubert Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Hubert-Coryna