Severe Tropical Cyclone Ian

1 - 6 March 1982


A weak low in the Timor Sea moved to the west southwest initially then took an abrupt turn to the east 26 February and eventually developed into Tropical Cyclone Ian early on 2 March north of the Pilbara. Ian then took another abrupt change in direction to the southwest on 3 March off the Kimberley coast. Ian peaked on 4 March as it moved parallel to the coast before weakening prior to crossing the coast near Northwest Cape on 6 March.

At Exmouth power lines were brought down and some trees were blown over. The cyclone caused oil rigs operating off the northwest coast to be shut down and 250 oil rig workers were evacuated.

For more details see the TC Ian Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ian