Severe Tropical Cyclone Ines

17 - 21 November 1973


Ines formed very close to the coast of the Top End and tracked west, passing north of Bathurst/Melville Islands, then to the southwest and intensified passing near Troughton Island as it crossed the northern Kimberley coast on 21 November.

Gale winds were reported along the north coast of Arnhem Land on 17th November and extended along the north coast of the Darwin - Daly on the 18th and 19th. Satellite photographs on the 21st indicated that the winds had reached hurricane intensity. When the cyclone passed near Troughton Island, mea winds of 102 km/h and gusts to 130 km/h were reported. Strong winds wrecked all installations on Troughton Island. The Navy reported that navigational aids were completely demolished on tine Island. At Croker Island a number of trees were uprooted.

Heavy rainfall was reported along the north coast as the cyclone travelled in a general westerly direction close to the coast. At Goulburn Island in the Arnbem district a 24 hour fall of 116mm was reported on the 13th. On the 19th a 24 hour fall of 264 mm was recorded at Eurganella i n the Darwin - Daly district. The maximum rainfall for the duration of the cyclone was 533 mm at Murganella. Hieavy rainfall was also reported in the Alice Springs district as the cyclone went across, as a rain depression. The heaviest 24 hour fall was 171mm recorded a Hilton Park on the 26th. Although heavy rainfall was recorded along the north coast, no floods or flood damage, was reported during the paasage of Ines .

For more details see the TC Ines Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Ines