Tropical Cyclone Ingrid

20 - 24 February 1984


Ingrid formed from a tropical low that was first identified on 20 February when about 130 km east of Innisfail embedded in the monsoon trough. The low moved eastwards and deepened with cyclonic status being reached around1200 UTC 21 February when about 100 km south of Willis Island. Ingrid continued to deepen whilst on a general easterly track and just attained severe cyclone status on the morning of 23 February. Peak intensity occurred at 0000 UTC 23 February when the estimated central pressure fell to 975 hPa.

Lihou Reef (AWS) reported the strongest wind speed of l11 km/h at 1200 UTC 22 February when Ingrid was located 55 km to the west-northwest. Weakening commenced from 0000 UTC 23 February and the track became southeast as strengthening northwest winds in the upper levels moved over the system. From 1200 UTC 24 February the track turned to the east and cyclonic intensity was lost at 1800 UTC 24 February just prior to the remnant low moving east of 160°E and into the Nadi region where it quickly decayed. The only effects Ingrid had on the Queensland coast were strong winds and some minor flooding between Cairns and Mackay.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Ingrid