Severe Tropical Cyclone Inigo

30 March - 8 April 2003


Inigo was a small cyclone that developed into one of the strongest cyclones ever monitored by satellite in the WA region having estimated sustained winds of 130 knots at peak intensity at 1400 WST (0600 UTC) 4 April about 830 km north-northwest of Karratha. However, the system weakened rapidly due to wind shear as it approached the coast and caused no known damage on the mainland.

During its development phase, however, the low crossed over parts of eastern Indonesia producing heavy rain that caused landslides and flooding. At least 50 people were killed. Many thousands of homes were destroyed or severely damaged and damage to infrastructure and crops was estimated to approach A$10 million. Thousands of hectares of rice fields and plantations, several hundred houses, churches, schools, three bridges, dozens of cars and motor bikes were damaged or swept away. Flood waters in some areas were up to 5 metres deep.

Two Indonesian fishing vessels, with about five to eight crew each, were reported missing several days after Inigo passed over their position near 12°S. Although no further information is available, presumably both vessels went down as Inigo was nearing its peak intensity at their location.>

For more details see the TC Inigo Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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