Severe Tropical Cyclone Jack

16 – 22 April 2014


A tropical low formed approximately 180 kilometres to the northeast of the Cocos Islands on 16 April. The tropical low drifted to the west southwest and slowly developed in an area of low vertical wind shear reaching cyclone strength at 1800 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) 18 April (0200 Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) 19 April = UTC+8 hours).

The tropical low was named Tropical Cyclone Jack. From 19 April, Jack was steered to the south while the cyclone rapidly intensified to a peak 10-minute mean intensity of 75 knots (kn) at 0000 UTC 20 April. Later on 20 April, Jack turned to the southeast as it came under the influence of a mid-level trough located to the southwest of the system. Jack initially weakened quickly under the influence of increased wind shear and in the final stages cooler sea surface temperatures (SSTs) contributed to the systems demise.

For more information see the TC Jack Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Jack