Severe Tropical Cyclone Jane

8 - 17 April 1992


Tropical cyclone Jane was the last cyclone to occur in the Australian region for 1991-92 and was also, along with tropical cyclone Graham ,the most intense. Remarkably, Jane appears to be the only cyclone of the 1991-92 season that had no effect on any coastal or island community.

During 7 April, visible satellite imagery indicated the formation of a tropical low in the mon- soon trough near 7°S, 9°E, approximately 600 km northeast of Cocos Island. The low continued to intensify on a general south-southeastward course, achieving cyclone intensity at 1200 UTC 8 April. At 0000 UTC 10 April, Jane made its closest point of approach to Cocos Island, passing approximately 250 km to the east. The cyclone possessed a compact structure at this stage so that although sustained winds were estimated to be in excess of 35 m/s, gales were not recorded on Cocos Island.

As Jane tracked further southward it came under the influence of a deep-layer easterly steering flow generated by the subtropical ridge to the south. Between 0400 and 1800 UTC 11 April, the cyclone turned onto a westward track which it maintained for nearly five days. In the absence of inhibiting influences, Jane continued to deepen and at 1200 UTC 13 April, a well-defined eye appeared on satellite imagery. Twenty-four hours later, maximum intensity was reached with sustained winds estimated at 65 m/s.

Over the next 24 hours, tropical cyclone Jane began to weaken in response to increased vertical wind shear associated with an advancing mid-latitude trough. By 0600 UTC 15 April, the eye had become cloud-filled, and at 0000 UTC 16 April, the cyclone began to recurve to the southeast and rapidly weaken. By 0100 UTC 17 April, Jane had weakened below cyclone intensity.

Although tropical cyclone Jane was a very intense system, it spent its lifetime over open water and no reports of damage or injury were received.

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