Tropical Cyclone Kate

21 - 30 December 2014


A tropical low pressure system developed to the southwest of Sumatra during 21 December. The low initially moved towards the south and then towards the west-southwest. The low reached tropical cyclone strength at 0930 UTC (1730 WST = UTC+8 hours) 24 December when it was 275 kilometres (km) northeast of the Cocos Keeling Islands. Kate tracked towards the west-southwest and passed close to the Cocos Keeling Islands on 25 December. Gales were recorded on the islands with a maximum gust of 55 knots (kn) (102 kilometres per hour (km/h)) at 0708 UTC 25 December. This was also accompanied by 107.6 millimetres (mm) of rain in a 24 hour period to 9 am WST 25 December. Flooding was reported from Home and West Islands. A number of trees were damaged and there was some property damage.

As Severe Tropical Cyclone Kate continued to move in a southwest direction it intensified further due to favourable conditions. Kate reached a peak intensity of around 80 kn (148 km/h) at 0000 UTC 27 December. Around 1200 UTC on 27 December wind shear increased and the cyclone began to weaken. Wind shear decreased during 28 December and 29 December which allowed Kate to re-intensify. Kate crossed 90°E at 0000 UTC 30 December with an intensity of 80 kn (148 km/h). The system continued to intensify in La Reunion's area of responsibility (AOR).

For more information see the TC Kate Report (pdf).

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Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Kate