Severe Tropical Cyclone Lena

24 January - 2 February 1993


Tropical Cyclone Lena maintained cyclone intensity for ten days and was notable for its unusual track - moving on a general westerly track then reversing to an easterly track for the latter stages of its life cyclone.

A tropical low that formed northwest of the Kimberley reached cyclone intensity on 24 January. While its initial track was to the south southwest by late on 25 January it adopted a general westerly track that persisted through until 30 January. After briefly peaking at 65 knots (category 3 intensity) early on 26 January, Lena weakened to a category one system later that day.

During 30 January, Lena reversed its westerly course and moved to the east southeast then to the east from 1 February moving over waters it had previously traversed. By 2 February Lena weakened below cyclone intensity.

There were no known impacts from TC Lena .

For more details see the TC Lena Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Lena