Tropical Cyclone Manu

21 - 27 April 1986


The low which became tropical cyclone Manu was first identified just to the west of the Solomon Islands. At 0000 UTC 21 April it was near 8.0°S, 156.0°E.

The system moved first south and then southwest entering the Papua New Guinea area at 10°S, 155°E on 1800 UTC 22 April. No significant development had taken place by this time. Six hours later development began and by 0900 UTC 23 April cyclonic intensity was reached. Tropical cyclone Manu was then near 11.3°S, 153.7°E with a central pressure of 997 hPa .

Manu continued to track southwest and deepen, passing back into the Eastern region at 1500 UTC 23 April near 12.0°S, 153°E. The peak intensity was reached 18 hours later near 13.3°S, 149.7°E at a central pressure of 970 hPa. The system continued in the same direction whilst filling and lost its cyclonic status at 0300 UTC 26 April near 15.2°S, 145.8°E. The resulting low moved inland and ceased to exist 24 hours later.

Manu caused extensive crop damage in Papua New Guinea but no damage in the Australian Eastern region. The maximum reported wind speed was 74 km/h from Fitzroy Island lighthouse at 0000 UTC 25 April.

Track and intensity

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