Severe Tropical Cyclone Marian

10 - 16 April 1991


Severe tropical cyclone Marian was first evident as a middle-level depression over the western Arafura Sea. In response to a southeasterly surge and a weaker monsoonal surge, it intensified to cyclone strength about 110 km south of Timor, under a divergent upper northeasterly wind regime.

Its initial development may have been inhibited by restrictions to its low-level inflow caused by the mountains of Timor to its north. Once clear of this barrier, the cyclone intensified rapidly as it continued to move west-southwest, under the influence of a subtropical high over Australia. It moved slowly and erratically between 13 and 16 April as a new middle-level ridge developed to its west. Its peak estimated intensity of 930 hPa was reached during this period and weakening commenced as vertical shear increased across the system.

For a period of about one day, commencing 1000, 13 April, Tropical Cyclone Watch advices were issued for parts of the Pilbara and Kimberley coastline. These advices were cancelled when the shearing process become apparent. .

Marian weakened further as its remnants drifted southwest before being absorbed into the circulation associated with cyclone Fiji.

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Marian