Severe Tropical Cyclone Melanie

28 October - 12 November 1996


During the formation stage of Melanie a monsoon low was apparent near 10°N 100°E giving rise to an enhanced equatorial westerly flow. Initial development was slow as it was located on the northwest flank of the upper ridge and encountered considerable northeasterly shear. Melanie reached cyclone strength on 31 October to the northwest of the Cocos Islands. During most of its lifetime Melanie remained north of the mid-level ridge and moved in a generally westerly direction, apart from a period during 3 November when a mid-level trough to, the south of the cyclone caused a more southwesterly track. Melanie intensified further as it moved westwards out of the Perth TCWC region early on 2 November and was re-named Bellamine by La Reunion RSMC. Peak intensity was reached on 7 November with maximum , mean winds of 90 knots, just after the system crossed west of 80°E. Bellamine weakened below cyclone strength on 10 November near 22°S 79°E.

For more details see the TC Melanie Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Melanie