Severe Tropical Cyclone Naomi

21 April - 2 May 1983


Naomi was a late-season cyclone in the central Indian Ocean.

The cyclone originated from a tropical low which formed just south of an active monsoon trough established across the Indian Ocean near 10°S. During 21 April this low moved northward and intensified. It attained tropical cyclone intensity at about 0600 UTC 22 April, while continuing to move northward.

On 23 April Naomi recurved sharply to the east and then to the southeast on 24 April. It continued to intensify to a severe tropical cyclone. Maximum intensity was reached at about 0000 UTC 25 April with an estimated central pressure of 960 hPa and maximum winds of about 150 km/h.

Naomi tracked steadily southeastward for the next few days, maintaining its intensity. On 29 April the centre executed a complete anticlockwise loop and then moved northwest and slowly weakened as the low-level centre sheared away from the deep convective cloud mass. The system finally dissipated over tropical waters on 2 May.

The strongest wind reported was 120 km/h, from the west southwest, at 0345 UTC 23 April by a ship located 110 km north northwest of the centre.

No damage was reported.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Naomi