Tropical Cyclone Nigel

14 - 18 January 1985


Tropical cyclone Nigel formed from a low which had been embedded in the ITCZ for several days. The low started life as an ill-defined circulation near Cape York Peninsula and drifted slowly eastwards. A recognisable circulation formed about 1200 UTC on 14 January 1985 at 16.5°S, 150.3°E with a central pressure of 1005 hPa. This low continued to move eastwards and deepen slowly until cyclone intensity was reached at about 1800 UTC 16 January with a central pressure of 996 hPa at 16.0°S, 159.0°E. Three hours later Nigel moved into the Fiji RSMC area of responsibilitiy area with winds just above gale force. The cyclone continued to develop for about two more days giving estimated maximum winds of 140 km/h. Nigel did not cause any damage in the Australian region, however it seriously affected Fiji causing some deaths and considerable damage.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Nigel