Severe Tropical Cyclone Odette

16 - 20 January 1985


Tropical cyclone Odette was the second of two tropical cyclones to form within a week from lows which had their origins in the northwest corner of the Coral Sea. The low which became Odette was first recognised at 1200 UTC on 16 January 1985 at 14.6°S, 145.6°E. Odette began about 2 degrees north of Nigel but took an east-southeast track and developed much more rapidly. It gained cyclonic intensity at about 0600 UTC 17 January (within 12 hours of Nigel ) when at 14.6°S, 148.8°E with a central pressure of 998 hPa. The cyclone reached its maximum intensity about two days later with estimated maximum winds of 170 km/h and a central pressure of 930 hPa when at 16.3°S, 158.5°E. The system moved into the Nadi area at about the same point as Nigel had almost three days earlier, that is to say at 16.3°S, 160.0°E at about 1300 UTC 19 January.

Odette continued to weaken and take on a more southeasterly track, later turning east once more before passing over the southern islands of the Vanuatu Grou p about 1800 UTC on 20 January. The highest reported wind speed was 65 km/h from a ship positioned at 14.7°S, 149°E at 1000 UTC 17 January. Odette did not cause any damage in the Australian region although it was a severe tropical cyclone after 0300 UTC 18 January.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Odette