Tropical Cyclone Oscar

28 December 1993 - 9 January 1994


Tropical cyclone Oscar was a small weak system throughout its lifetime. It only barely reached tropical cyclone intensity for a period of about 12 hours on 3 January. Oscar was first analysed as a tropical low, central pressure 1005 hPa at 0000 UTC 28 December near Darwin. It moved on a west-southwesterly course parallel to the north-west Australian coast and dissipated early on 9 January off the northwest Australian coastline. The initial development of Oscar was aided by the combination of a moderate westerly monsoon flow to the north (enhanced by typhoon Nell passing across the Philippines), and a favourable positioning beneath the upper-level ridge axis. Intensification was inhibited by vertical wind shear. Oscar had no impact on the West Australian coastline.

For more details see the TC Oscar Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Oscar