Severe Tropical Cyclone Paddy

17 - 25 November 2021


All times are shown in Australian Western Standard Time (AWST), that is UTC +8 hours

A tropical low formed just to the northwest of Christmas Island on 17 November and remained slow moving for the next few days without developing significantly. It started to move towards the southeast later on 20 November, and conditions became more favourable for development on 21 November. The low subsequently intensified and was named Tropical Cyclone Paddy on the morning of 22 November over open waters to the southeast of Christmas Island. It proceeded to move in a southerly then southwesterly direction over the next 18 hours. As Paddy was a small system, it reacted quickly to deteriorating environmental conditions, and weakened below tropical cyclone intensity early on 23 November. The remnant low tracked towards the west over the following days.

Tropical Cyclone Paddy was a short-lived system and had no direct impact on Christmas Island or the Western Australian mainland. It did however contribute to a period of heavy rainfall at Christmas Island, with 251.2mm of rainfall recorded in the 5-day period up to 9am on 22 November.

Tropical Cyclone Paddy was the first tropical cyclone in the Australian Region for the 2021/22 season.

For more information see the TC Paddy Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Paddy