Tropical Cyclone Pam

3 - 6 February 1974


Pam was a very large intense cyclone which passed 500 km to the east of Brisbane. However a 0.68m storm surge was recorded on the Moreton Bay gauge and combined with a king tide, the high tide of 7 February on the gauge reached 3.13 m (a record at the time).This rise in sea level flooded Brisbane creeks at high tide and caused cancellation of some bus services. Along the open coast the beaches were already severely eroded due to earlier cyclones and this amplified the effects of run up from the large waves generated by Pam . At Palm Beach residents had to abandon their houses and units as seawater drove over 6.2 metre boulder walls and surged through these premises. The South Nobby Wave Station recorded long period swells (13.1 sec) with a significant wave height of 3.8 m.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Pam