Tropical Cyclone Quang

27 April - 1 May 2015


Severe Tropical Cyclone (STC) Quang developed unusually late in the Australian tropical cyclone season from a tropical low in a moderately active monsoon trough on 27 April. Conditions were very favourable for development and Quang reached tropical cyclone strength late on 28 April. Initially the tropical cyclone was steered to the southwest but during 29 April Quang was steered to the southeast, towards the North West Cape of Australia. Quang intensified rapidly and reached a peak intensity of 100 knots (kn) (185 kilometre per hour (km/hr)) at 0600 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated 1400 WST=UTC+8 hours) 30 April when it was located about 650 kilometres (km) to the northwest of Exmouth.

Vertical wind shear increased during 30 April soon after Quang reached peak intensity. This caused Quang to begin weakening immediately. As the tropical cyclone approached the North West Cape Quang lost its eye structure and early on 1 May the remaining deep convection sheared away from the low level centre. This convective band was steered southeast over the town of Exmouth producing storm force (Category 2) winds for about an hour around midday on 1 May. Some damage to buildings and interruptions to power supply was reported from the town. Quang weakened below tropical cyclone intensity before crossing the Pilbara coast between Exmouth and Onslow around 1200 UTC 1 May.

For more information see the TC Quang Report (pdf).

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