Tropical Cyclone Robyn

1 - 7 April 2010


Tropical Cyclone Robyn developed well to northwest of Cocos Islands in early April and reached cyclone intensity at 0000 UTC 3 April as it moved slowly to the south. Robyn peaked at 60 knot intensity at 0000 UTC 5 April but weakened rapidly later that day to increasing northwesterly wind shear. Robyn is estimated to have weakened below cyclone intensity at 0600 UTC 6 April by which stage it had begun tracking to the northwest. Shipping warnings remained current for easterly gales on the southern side until 0600UTC 7 April because of westerly motion and a strong high to the south.

TC Robyn remained over open waters in the central Indian Ocean and had no known impact.

For more information see the TC Robyn Report (pdf) .

Note: Operationally Robyn was rated as a category three cyclone but was downgraded to category two intensity upon post-analysis.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Robyn