Tropical Cyclone Sadie

29 - 31 January 1994


Tropical cyclone Sadie was a weak, short lived cyclone which traversed the eastern Gulf of Carpentaria before moving over land as a rain depression. It became the major part of a low pressure area that brought drought breaking rains to northeast inland parts of Queensland. Sadie developed from a tropical low located near the northeastern Northern Territory coastline during 29 February. The low moved in an east-southeasterly direction and deepened slowly at first. Later in the day more rapid intensification took place and by 0000 UTC 30 January the central pressure was estimated to have been 990 hPa with gale-force winds surrounding the centre. Sadie recurved towards the south and maintained this direction until 1200 UTC 30 January when it began moving east towards the west coast of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Shortly before crossing the coast Sadie reached maximum intensity with the central pressure falling to an estimated 985 hPa at 1800 UTC 30 January. Sadie abruptly changed course towards the south from this position and crossed the coast in the vicinity of Inkerman Station. It then continued to move south-southeast and weakened overland. No damage or injuries were reported.

Track and intensity

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