Tropical Cyclone Stan

11-16 April 1979


A tropical low formed over the northern Coral Sea on 6 April 1979 and then moved westward to reach the Gulf of Carpentaria on the evening of 8 April.

Throughout 11 and 12 April 1979 the system remained stationary to the north of Cape Wessel with an estimated central pressure of 1000 hPa. By the morning of 13 April 1979 the low had developed to tropical cyclone intensity and began to move east-southeast. The cyclone attained its lowest estimated central pressure of 995 hPa on 14 April 1979. During 14 April the cyclone accelerated as it approached the Queensland coast and,crossed the coast approximately 40 km north of Weipa at about 0800 UTC. The system moved rapidly across Cape York Peninsuila and into the Coral Sea, decaying during this passage and with the estimated central pressure rising to 1002 hPa. 'The system continued to move east-southeastwards as a tropical low and was unidentifiable on 16 April 1979.

The highest 24-hour rainfall associated with Stan was 233 mm at Iron Range on 15 April. Other 24-hour falls included 127 mrn at Moreton and 84 mm at Weipa. Tides at Weipa were reported to be slightly in excess of half a metre above predicted level on 14 April. No damage, loss of life or significant flooding occurred.

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Stan 1979