Tropical Cyclone Terri

28 January - 1 February 2001


Tropical cyclone Terri formed from a low which had its origins off the northwest Kimberley coast. The cyclone tracked southwest parallel to the Kimberley coast for about 24 hours, reaching category 2 intensity later on 30 January, before turning to the southeast and accelerating towards the east Pilbara coastline. The system crossed the coast near Pardoo at about 0900 WST on 31 January, weakening slightly as it approached. Terri weakened as it moved steadily south southeast towards the interior of the state, degenerating into a tropical depression at about midnight on 31 January.

For more details see the TC Terri Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

All times in WST - subtract 8 hours to convert to UTC.

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Terri