Tropical Cyclone Theodore

22 February - 2 March 1994


Tropical cyclone Theodore , the most intense cyclone to form during the season, developed from a tropical low that was located over the northern Solomon Islands during 22 February. During 23 February the low began to intensify and move in a southerly direction. The low reached cyclone intensity at 1800 UTC 23 February when the central pressure was estimated to be 990 hPa. Theodore continued to move in a southerly direction and deepened rapidly. By 0600 UTC 24 February the central pressure was estimated to have fallen to 945 hPa. At 1200 UTC 24 February Theodore re-curved to the eastsoutheast. This path continued until 0000 UTC 25 February when the cyclone began moving in a more southeasterly direction. The change in course was accompanied by a period of rapid intensification. At 0600 UTC 25 January the central pressure was estimated to have fallen to 910 hPa. The location of Theodore at this time was near latitude 13.53 longitude 156.5°E. The central pressure remained at 910 hPa for the next few hours before slow weakening began. By 0600 UTC 26 January the central pressure had risen to an estimated 935 hPa with the system moving rapidly in a southeasterly direction. Theodore continued to move along this track with the central pressure remaining steady on 935 hPa. The centre eventually passed between New Caledonia and the Loyalty group of Islands. By the time it reached 28°S 173.5°E, the cyclone had lost its tropical cyclone characteristics. After moving just to the south of 30°S the low moved eastwards and continued to weaken over the open seas dissipating near 40°S 165°W (Ready 1994).

The Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea (PNG) experienced high rainfall and associated flooding during the formation of Theodore . In PNG the islands of Rossel and Sudest in eastern Milne Bay province experienced damage. Homes were destroyed along with schools and some crops. New Caledonia also experienced gale-force winds.

Track and intensity

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