Severe Tropical Cyclone Tiffany

22 January - 2 February 1998


Tropical Cyclone Tiffany formed early on 24 January off the northwest Kimberley coast. It occurred during an active monsoon period when Tropical Cyclone Katrina intensified in the Coral Sea and Tropical Cyclone Les formed in the Gulf of Carpentaria. It developed rapidly into an intense cyclone with a radius of gales between 100 and 130 km and moved generally west or west southwest, remaining offshore from the Pilbara coast at a distance of approximately 200 kilometres. Tiffany caused strong to near gale-force winds on exposed areas of the Pilbara coast and storm force winds at North Rankin offshore platform during 27 January but had no other effect on coastal WA. Tiffany weakened as it continued to move westwards. Winds were estimated to have decreased below gale force by early on 30 January. The low-level centre then moved west northwest and continued to weaken, some 700 km south southeast of Cocos Islands.

For more details see the TC Tiffany Report (pdf)

Track and intensity

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Best Track of Severe Tropical Cyclone Tiffany