Tropical Cyclone Tim

2 - 10 January 1984


At 0600 UTC 2 January a low with a central pressure of 1006 hPa was located to the southeast of Christmas Island. During the next two days it moved southeast into a broad monsoon trough then to the northwest. By 0600 UTC 4 January the central pressure had fallen to 999 hPa with the low continuing on a steady northwesterly track under the influence of upper-level southeasterlies. Cyclonic intensity was reached at about 1500 UTC 4 January when the central pressure was 996 hPa.

Tim continued to deepen and move on a northwest track until 0000 UTC 6 January. After this time, Tim changed onto a general south-southeasterly track until the system decayed on 10 January.

The estimated lowest central pressure of 980 hPa was reached at 0300 UTC 6 January and maintained until 1600 UTC with estimated maximum winds of 110 km/h. Between 0900 UTC 7 January and 0300 UTC 8 January a brief reintensification occurred with a central pressure falling from 990 hPa to 982 hPa. After 1200 UTC 8 January, the system weakened steadily and was downgraded at 0600 UTC 10 January to a tropical low which then decayed rapidly. There were no significant reports from shipping in the area.

Track and intensity

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