Unnamed Tropical Cyclone

28 - 30 March 1980


A tropical depression in the Gulf of Carpentaria intensified to produce localised and intermittent gales over the northeast Arnhem Land coast as it moved into the Arafura sea. The system did not develop a deep convective warm cored structure, winds barely reached cyclonic intensity and at the time it was not classified as a tropical cyclone.

A tropical depression first appeared in the central Gulf of Carpentaria on 27 March 1980. The circulation intensified and reached tropical cyclone intensity by 0000 UTC 28 March 1980, Winds of around gale force were reported for the next two days as the cyclone moved northwest off the Arnhem Land coast. The system deepened a little and reached its lowest central pressure of 998 hPa at 0600 UTC 29 March 1980.

By 1200 UTC 29 March 1980, as the cyclone moved into the Arafura sea, very strong wind shear and an intrusion of dry air caused a rapid weakening of the system. The central pressure had risen to 1003 hPa by 0000 UTC 30 March 1980 and winds had moderated to below cyclonic intensity. The residual tropical depression then moved west towards the Timor Sea, finally disappearing north of the Cobourg Peninsula on 31 March 1980. The cyclone had taken no lives and caused only minor damage.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Unnamed Tropical Cyclone