Unnamed Tropical Cyclone

21 - 24 December 1983


This cyclone was originally believed to have redeveloped from the remnants of Esther and consequently had this name during its warning phase. Post-analysis has shown that this was not the case and that the system formed from a cloud cluster which developed near the southern tip of Timor at 0600 UTC 21 December approximately four degrees west of the last known position of Esther .

An anticyclone over northern Australia provided unfavourable conditions for development as upper- level easterly winds maintained a strong shear across the region. The low was steered on a southwesterly track and gradually deepened. Cyclonic intensity was reached around 1800 UTC 22 December and existed for about nine hours. The estimated lowest pressure reached was 994 hPa at 0000 UTC 23 December.

After losing cyclone status the remnant low moved to the west and lost its identity by 0600 UTC 24 December.

Track and intensity

Best Track of Unnamed Tropical Cyclone