Tropical Cyclone Vern

27 January - 3 February 1978


Tropical cyclone Vern was the third system of the season to reach tropical cyclone intensity in the Northwestern Australian Region. It was the first to threaten the tropical parts of the State and was the only cyclone of the season to cross the northwest coast.

Vern was an intense storm which caused high seas, very heavy swells and winds estimated at 145 km/h. Heavy falls of rain were recorded in the West Kimberley and in the De Grey partly as a result of the cyclone and partly because of a continuation of the northwest monsoon.

Damage due to wind action was not serious although some small buildings near the storm's path were demolished; windmills and trees were also damaged. Widespread flooding caused silting and undermining of roads in the West Kimberley. The cost of repairs was estimated to be over $50,000.

For more details see the TC Vern Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Vern