Tropical Cyclone Vernon

23 - 26 February 2022


Severe Tropical Cyclone (STC) Vernon was a small tropical cyclone that rapidly intensified over open waters in the Indian Ocean before moving west of the Australian region and weakening.

A low formed in the Indian Ocean southwest of Christmas Island on 23 February and tracked to the west. Although initially inhibited by moderate easterly vertical wind shear, the circulation developed rapidly late on 24 February and throughout 25 February. The 24-hour change from a category 1 (40 knot (kn), (75 kilometre per hour (km/h)) system 25 to a category 4 (100 kn, 185 km/h) severe tropical cyclone between the 25 and 26 February was quite remarkable.

Vernon moved west of 90°E into La Reunion's area of responsibility by 0600 Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) (1400 Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)) (UTC=AWST+8 hours) 26 February and promptly weakened as it interacted with another circulation (23U) to the north. Indeed, these two circulations engaged in a Fujiwhara rotation that culminated in the two circulations merging.

There were no known impacts associated with Vernon.

For more information see the TC Vernon Report (pdf).

Track and Intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Vernon