Tropical Cyclone Vida

16 - 21 March 1975


The eighth cyclone of the season was named Vida . It originated in the Cocos Island area and initially travelled eastward before its course gradually changed until it was almost southerly. From the Northwest Cape southwards Vida travelled very rapidly almost parallel to the coast until when passing the latitude of Perth its course altered and became more southeasterly. Vida did not cross land but passed within about 50 km of Cape Leeuwin. It was the third cyclone of the season to affect Western Australia directly, the earlier two being Trixie and Wilma .

Gale force winds and strong squalls caused some structural failures and severely damaged small aircraft along the lower west coast. Winds at Fremantle reached 128 km/h. It is estimated that damage approaching the value of $1 million was caused by cyclone Vida .

For more details see the TC Vida Report (pdf).

Track and intensity

Best Track of Tropical Cyclone Vida